Why Chloe Sevigny, Kim Kardashian and Jessica Biel all use the $415 Babyzen Yoyo2 stroller | Daily Mail Online

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Published: 14:51 GMT, 2 February 2023 | Updated: 15:07 GMT, 2 February 2023 Pushchair Travel System

Why Chloe Sevigny, Kim Kardashian and Jessica Biel all use the $415 Babyzen Yoyo2 stroller | Daily Mail Online

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While celebrity parents undoubtedly have life easier in terms of help and styling, they still need to use a stroller to push their tots around.

Right now, there is one stroller that’s seen more often than most in the hands of everyone from Hollywood stars to models to Billboard 100 singers and that is the Babyzen Yoyo2.

Actress Chloe Sevigny showed one of off the compact and nippy baby carriages while running errands in Hollywood, as her little one sat in comfort. And the best thing about this stroller trend is that it doesn't break the bank as you can pick up brand new Yoyo2 strollers from $427 on Amazon.

Easy to fold, easy to push at just 6.2kg and available in multiple colorways, there are many reasons this stroller is loved by the world's most stylish parents.

However, style does not come at the expense of comfort as these strollers benefit from excellent suspension for a smooth ride, a padded seat and full reclining of the seat for naps.

Out and about: Chloë Sevigny enjoyed some quality time with her two-year-old son Vanja as they enjoyed a leisurely stroll around New York City

One of the unique things about the BabyZen Yoyo2 is that it folds up completely flat when not in use. This is small enough to fit in an airplane’s overhead cabin or a small car's trunk.

Weighing just 6.2 kg, it can easily be pushed one handed if a mom has lots of bags in the other hand, and it also has a decent size shopping basket underneath the seat so you can be prepared for picnics, the school run, an ad-hoc grocery shop and other fun and spontaneous moments.

When folded, you can easily lift the buggy into cars or up staircases or into aircraft cabins to make life as a parent less stressful. It even has a carry strap so you can wear the stroller like a bag

Comparable to the Bugaboo Bee 6, which is currently priced at $800, the Babyzen Yoyo2 has just as many celebrity fans for a lot lower cost. 

The Yoyo2 can be lifted up stairs or slipped into car trunks effortlessly so parents feel like they can travel around the city as they used to without needing to ask for help. It’s non-bulky and easy to steer, so busy celebrities can steer it without having to slow down – perfect if you’re constantly on the move like Kim K or Blake Lively.

And for Instagram influencers and trendsetters such as Chrissy Teigen and Anna Karsten, the minimalist lines of the Babyzen are perfect for glam social media photos.

Influencer Anna Karsten frequently recommends the Babyzen Yoyo to her 170k Instagram followers

Another cool feature is that it comes in multiple colorways so you can co-ordinate it to items in your closet or your baby’s.

As well as the traditional blue or pink colors, you can choose gender neutral options that can be transferred down to siblings such as grey, mint green or ocean blue.

 The Babyzen yoyo2 is available in gender neutral colors such as mint green or toffee brown - both weigh just 6.2kg

And if you have twins or another baby before your first can walk, you can convert the Yoyo2 strollers into a double pram with a simple Connect extension and push them side by side or one-front, one-back.

On Amazon, reviews from parents are hugely positive with special praise for the compact size and light weight.

'I love that this is compact but still comfy,' praised one happy parent. 'As a mom, I love how compact this stroller can collapse! Whether not taking up too much of my trunk, or easy for travel, its super convenient. And for my baby, its such a comfy stroller! The material and seat are soft and properly padded, and the recline was great for naps. This is probably the best single seat stroller we've tried.'

The Babyzen Yoyo2 has a sleek sideways profile and weighs just 6.2kg but parents say that their children feel comfortable and secure in the padded weight and appreciate the great suspension for a smooth ride

Another added: 'This is the best travel stroller ever! Extremely lightweight, easy one hand fold/unfold, great design and suspension.'

The hardest decision you'll have to make is what color to chose. Head to Amazon now to have a closer look at the available colors. 

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Why Chloe Sevigny, Kim Kardashian and Jessica Biel all use the $415 Babyzen Yoyo2 stroller | Daily Mail Online

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